Wireless Technology Is Everywhere

My aim for this blog has always been wireless communication and technology, but obviously there is only that much you can write about Ham radio and the really nerdy stuff. So, I have started branching out a bit and my inquisitive nature has led me to look for wireless communication in all sorts of hidden places. Bluetooth is one of the latest technologies that has really started appearing almost everywhere. Everything from cell phones to speakers and notebooks have all sorts of features that utilize Bluetooth. In this post I want to highlight some of the more interesting items and gadgets I have encountered.

Heart Rate Monitors

5213ccb1757b7f4c568b4568First note, I’m not big into running but my brother is a triathlete and like myself he loves technology and gadgets. When I met him last he just returned from a run and I saw him take off a weird strap from around his chest. At first I was worried as it looked like some sort of medical device, but in fact it was a heart rate monitor that he uses for training.

The way it works is that the chest strap measures his heart rate and sends it via Bluetooth to his iPhone. The heart monitor app on the iPhone then displays the heart rate and indicates whether he needs to train harder or ease off a bit. He told me that a similar set up 3 years ago would have cost him over $400, but for $65 he now has a fantastic Bluetooth based heart rate monitor hooked up to a free app on the phone.

Keyless Entry

I’ve seen some commercials for keyless car entry, and usually they have been on luxury cars. But Bluetooth has now also created a market for keyless home entry. At first I thought that this was just stupid, who could possibly be that lazy to not use a key. But there are some advantages, like for example it is a lot more difficult to “pick” a digital lock, so it is safer. Also, it is a very handy system for people with disabilities who may struggle with a standard key.


I am very opposed to drink driving and think people should be a lot more aware of the dangers. I often see people that are probably on a verge of having had a few too many sips. I think if more people had a relatively inexpensive device then they would be more aware. BACtrack has a Bluetooth device that does just that and also sends that info to your phone. Now imagine having a car that only unlocks if you have passed your breathalyser, would that be a great feature?

Let me know what kind of Bluetooth gadgets you have encountered. I just love where all this wireless tech is appearing these days.

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