Setting Up A VOIP System Using A Standard Cordless Phone

One question I have often got from friends and family is about setting up VOIP and what kind of phone is needed. Many people have the misconception that they will have to buy a new IP phone and hook it up to expensive and difficult to configure systems before they can get going with VOIP. But this is far from my experiences with some of the latest technologies available. So there really is no need for you to be spending more money than necessary on your phone bills.

The first thing to note is that you can set up an inexpensive VOIP system and this will not require you to replace your existing phone, as long as it is a touch tone or digital phone. As long as you don’t have an old dial phone (apparently they still exist) you should be good to go.

VoIPBefore you go off and buy some random equipment I would suggest first checking some deals for broadband internet connection. Most people have their internet set up over the phone line, but this will most likely still mean that you have to pay for line rental. This is something you can avoid and it will save you a lot of money.

Two alternatives would be to check out any cable or wireless internet deals available in your area. Connection charges are usually very reasonable and you will not have to pay for line rental. Once you are all set up with your Internet connection you will be ready to go for the VOIP system.

First things first. Contact your internet provider and tell them that you want to set up a VOIP phone system, which will mean that they have to make some adjustments at their end to ensure that it works. Essentially you will be assigned a designated IP address so that all calls get routed to the right place.

The next thing you need is VOIP converter, which is a small box that is hooked up to your broadband router. Obi have a very reasonably priced system and for less than $40 you can be up and running. The settings are also quite easy to modify, so you will not need an IT degree to get going.

Next, you will need to sign up with a VOIP provider and there are literally dozens to choose from. Some offer better rates for cell phone calls, others are better for international calls, so it may take a little research to get the one that suits you. Once you have your account details you are ready to set up you VOIP box, which is a quick and simple process.

Finally the good part. You will only need to connect your cordless phone to the Obi device and you are ready to go. Of course it may make sense to upgrade your phone if you haven’t done so in a while and you will find some great advice about the best cordless phones currently available over at They have full reviews of some of the best cordless phone systems giving you a great deal of choice to suite your budget.

Once your cordless or corded phone is connected the Obi converter will essentially take over and your incoming calls will be forwarded to your home phone. Your VOIP provider will also supply you with a phone number that other people can dial in order to contact you, so to everyone including yourself, the whole system will work just like it did before.

This is the beauty of the modern and cheap setup available now. It is not some convoluted configuration that resembles a phone system, but rather is a simple device that mimics a system that has been around for decades.

I hope this article was helpful and I invite any comments below with your own experiences.

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